Nice and Simple

Upfront and Honest 

No Hidden Fees

- For every package, you will receive some sort of FREE ad credit towards a digital campaign ($100-$500 of free ads)

- We provide easy to understand price points with no hidden fees

- The reason why we package all of our services is that we believe digital marketing
works best when implemented together (SEO, ADs, SMM)

- Although what we list below shows what is typically included in a package, we will always 
create an individualized strategy for every business. No two ever look the same.




Who is this good for?

. Small Businesses on a budget

. Only need partial help with digital marketing

. Already have a good structure in place

Silver tier SEO edits/maintenance

1 competitor breakdown

1 consultation meeting

1 ad campaign ($100 ad credit given)

1 social media platform covered


Who is this good for?


.Most businesses 

.Need partial to full assistance

.Mix between good and no structure

Gold Tier SEO edits/maintenance

2 competitor breakdowns

2 consultation meetings

2 ad campaigns ($250 credit given)

2 social media platforms covered




Who is this good for?


.Ample budget for digital marketing

.Businesses with a lot of reach

.Complete handover of digital marketing

Platinum Tier SEO edits/maintenance

3 competitor breakdowns

3 consultation meetings

3 ad campaigns ($500 credit given)

3+ social media platforms covered

Ancient Coins

Why we don't hide our prices

We find it very important to be as transparent with our clients as possible. Our prices, and what you get for them, are clearly laid out for everyone to see.  Our competitors seem to hide their prices behind "get a quote" or "call for a price" buttons, let's skip that step and move forward with the process. If your budget doesn't fit with our costs, go ahead and contact us anyways, we are more than happy to talk.